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Now Taking Holiday orders through December 22

    Family meal special Price Amount Needed
    Choice of Whole Lightly Smoked Turkey or Ham and choice of 3 Half Pan House Made Sides plus one coleslaw. $145
    Meats Price Per Pint Amount Needed
    Pulled Pork BBQ $10.99
    Smoked Brisket $18.99
    Whole Rack BBQ Ribs $18.99
    Whole Turkey(14-16lb) $55
    Whole Spiral Ham $50
    Half Chicken $10.99
    Chicken Bog $8.99 Per Pint
    Prime Brisket $18.99
    Sides Price Pre Half Pan Amount Needed
    Mac n Cheese $30
    Bake Beans $30
    Sweet Pot Souffle $30
    Collards $30
    Green Beans $30
    Slaw $30
    Dressing $30
    Cinnamon Rolls $9.99
    Dinner Rolls $10.99
    Sauces Choose Pints1/2 GAL.GAL Amount Needed
    Original $6.99$15.99$30
    Yellow Gold $6.99$15.99$30
    Bourbon $9.99$25.99$50
    Honey Holt $9.99$25.99$50
    XXX $4.99$15.99$30